informal economy

What is meant by the term “informal economy”? What are its characteristic features? What relation does it have to the “formal” economy, and
what challenges has it presented for how we think about the economy?
2) Julia Elyachar describes the ultimate effect of the efforts of the World Bank, Egyptian State, and other interests to financialize the informal
economy of Cairo through their promotion of the market to be the dispossession of urban poor craftsmen and enterprising youth- Of what were the
tradesmen and young entrepreneurs who participated in the Egyptian Social Fund programs in el-Hiraflyeen dispossessed, and how did this
dispossession operate?
3) Contrast the neoliberal economic view of “the market” adopted by the young entrepreneurs in eI-Hirafiyeen With the approach to markets taken by
master craftsmen in Cairo- What kinds of value underlay each VieW? How did this affect their conduct of business activities?
4) According to Sophie Chevalier, how does the appropriation of mass produced commercial items Within the domestic space express not just
markers of status but also individual personality and history?




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