Informal Networks: The Company

The HBR discussion will center on a focal Harvard Business Review article that I have carefully selected and curated for this course.
All student must provide one response to the posting (for each of the assignments). You will need to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the article’s importance to our understanding of current trends in executive development and workplace dynamics and give personal examples. Use the readings form the class (i.e., text, PDFs, and videos attached) to help provide a vocabulary for understanding executive development. You will be assessed on your ability to clearly identify the problems of the case, provide clear solutions, and generally apply the material from this course to understanding and solving issues in executive development and management more generally.
Again, the purpose of the response is to demonstrate your ability to explain and apply the topics of this course (readings, videos, etc. attached). Therefore, you are to include personal experiences in your discussion. (Only use sources attached)

Sample Solution