Informatics and the Application of New Knowledge

Imagine a group of interprofessional stakeholders involved with patient care in your health care setting would like to increase positive patient outcomes. Nurse leaders have recommended changes in the practice that incorporate informatics and the application of new knowledge into your nursing practices.
You are asked to present a brief overview using PowerPoint (or some other presentation software) to a small group of student nurses. After the session has concluded, the training department would like to use your presentation as a training resource.
Select a nursing practice in your own health care setting that has changed for the better since you first began nursing.

Use the tools in your presentation software to develop a creative and engaging presentation. Use the notes portion of PowerPoint to capture your narrative script for each slide. Include the following in your presentation:
• Describe briefly an example of a nursing practice that has changed in the last two years.
• Explain how theory development, research exploration, and information technology supports the changes you have described.
• Describe the basic differences between research (qualitative and quantitative) and evidence-based practice (EBP).
• Explain how nurse leaders use communication practices and technology to build interprofessional stakeholder engagements in support of the change you have identified.
• Describe how nurse leaders use evidence-based practice to support and sustain patient-care outcomes.

Sample Solution