Insight management and summary of your observations and experience.

Each 700-word (±100) text will be completed in MS Word format and must include three or more arguments or observations. It would be beneficial to write immediately after the relevant course, while the subject is still vivid in your mind. You must submit this text even if you miss the course related to the topic. These texts must be written and submitted individually, at the risk of having your grade shared (divided…) with your colleagues who would have submitted a text that is too similar.

The following questions can be used as food for thought when writing:

  1. What surprised me the most?
  2. How can I adapt what was seen to my objectives?
  3. How could I implement these concepts?
  4. Which of the concepts learned will be most useful to me?
  5. What was my Eureka moment?
  6. What intrigues me and makes me wonder more?

Think of this logbook as notes that you can refer to later and that will help you remember important elements of the course. It’s not just a summary of what you’ve seen in class, but more importantly, your own thoughts on it and how you integrate the concepts through examples from your own environment.

Sample Solution