Insulin Requirements During Pregnancy

Imagine that you have been asked to speak to nurses and dietitians attending a continuing education program on insulin therapy for type 1 diabetes. At the imaginary conference, you will be presenting a 15-minute session on one aspect of insulin therapy for type 1 diabetes. Topics You can choose from the following topics: Adjusting insulin for exercise. Adjusting insulin for sick days. Problems with injection sites. Benefits and challenges of premixed insulin. Insulin requirements during pregnancy. Insulin therapy for toddlers: practical tips. Detecting and managing insulin omission in teens. Commercial truck driving and insulin therapy. Adjusting insulin for travel across time zones. Low vision aids and injection devices. Assignment Requirements For this assignment, you will: Select one of the topics noted above. Clearly identify the issue or problem. Identify two to three key points. These are the focus of your presentation. Support your content with at least four credible, evidence-based sources that are properly cited and referenced using current APA guidelines for style and formatting. Summarize your key points in your final content slide. Develop a 10- to 12-slide presentation. In addition to the 10–12 content slides, the slide deck must include a title slide and a references slide.




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