Integrated Intervention, Evaluation, Termination Plan

The purpose of this assignment is for you to be able to identify and apply social work practice skills in intervention, termination, and evaluation at the macro level. Through focus on a single case study, you will demonstrate a working knowledge of situation-specific social work intervention, evaluation, and termination strategies social work ethics, values and cultural competencies.

Recording Your Presentation

Your recording must include both presentation visuals (e.g., PowerPoint) and your webcam video of you presenting the information. Refer to the WebEx information on the Getting Started page for how to record your presentation using WebEx.


Based on your assessment of the Carla Washburn case, you will develop an integrated micro-mezzo-macro-level intervention plan aimed at ameliorating individual client issues and larger social concerns. This presentation will demonstrate your knowledge of multidimensional, multi-level intervention to include: (a) assessment; (b) intervention; (c) evaluation; and (d) termination. This is a cumulative comprehensive assignment.

Carla Washburn

This assignment is should be a visual presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, etc.) with a corresponding video of you presenting the case. This is a professional case presentation and you are the social worker. You should imagine you are presenting this case to a group of colleagues and other professionals within an agency setting.

Slides should follow these guidelines: Slides should include references. (Note: PowerPoint slides that contain content copied and pasted from websites will receive a project score of 0.

Please coverall content areas. Use professional social work language, free from bias.


About 10 minutes in length
Include both video of your face (webcam) and visuals (e.g., PowerPoint presentation)
Presentation Outline

Describe the micro, mezzo, and macro level issues you find most relevant and pressing when assessing the Case. You should include at least two issues at each level of intervention.

Using outside evidence/research discuss these issues and their impact on the client, this is especially important for your macro-level issues.
Describe your proposed interventions at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels.

What would you do to address each of the issues you have identified? Be specific.
What would be your role as a change agent?
What specific strategies would you use to create desired changes?
How will you measure the success of your interventions at each level?

Discuss what you envision success to look like, remembering that success can be measured in multiple ways and may look different at different levels of intervention.
How will you specifically measure success?
What data will you need to collect and what is your plan for collecting it?
How will you approach termination with this client?

What specific strategies will you employ? How will you incorporate termination into your plan from the very beginning of your work with this client?

Sample Solution