Integrative Project Literature Review

a. What are three key “take-a-ways” you will take with you from completing the course Integrative Project Literature Review and how do you think working through the review will benefit you in the future?

b. Thinking aback across the courses you completed for this degree…

How do you see them as contributing to your knowledge of the larger field of psychology?

Which course did you find the most interesting?

Which course did you find the most challenging and why?

Which course did you find the easiest and why?

Which instructor behaviors (the person’s actions not his/her name) did you find most helpful and why?

Which instructor behaviors did you find the least helpful and why?

If you could change one thing about the degree, excluding being able to be face-to-face in a physical classroom which isn’t an option for a fully online university, what would it be?

c. Where do you plan to go from here (pursuit of advance-level studies such as a doctorate or additional applied master’s level degree such as a Masters in Mental Health Counseling [MHC]; seeking pay and responsibilities advancement in an existing career; using what you learned for personal life enhancement…or…? and what will you do as first steps to initiate that plan?

Sample Solution