Intellectual Property

You are working as part of the legal team that represents the celebrity graffiti artist, Pasha. Due to the need for
speed in producing the graffiti, Pasha makes plastic templates then he and his helper, Dave, use these to
spray paint the graffiti on local walls.
Pasha and Dave have had a falling out and Dave is now claiming that he is the joint owner of the paintings as
he helps create the original graffiti. Also, Pasha has seen copies of his graffiti paintings on the website of Aston
Street Crew (ASC), a local voluntary artist group.
Your senior partner asks you to summarize the law for him on behalf of Pasha in order to advise him about:
a) any subsistence of copyright in the paintings,
b) whether Dave has any rights, and
c) what action, if any, could Pasha take against ASC.

Sample Solution