Intercultural appropriateness of the content.

Examine the 2 advertisements you selected to determine the intercultural appropriateness of the content.
Re-create each of your selected advertisements to reflect intercultural appropriateness using software such as Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Microsoft® Word,
or websites such as Canva® or Piktochart. Each advertisement should address and reach a diverse audience. You will not be graded on artistic ability, and
your re-creations do not need to be the same medium as the original advertisement. For example, if you selected a brochure, you can re-create the content as
a social media post.
Include the following items in each item you re-create:
· Company motto
· Appropriate images
· Applicable content from the original flyer
· Appropriate additions deemed necessary to convey the company’s message
Write a 175- to 350-word justification for each advertisement that you selected that addresses the following questions:
· What elements of the advertisement were communicating inappropriate messages to the community? Why?
· How do the changes you made in the new advertisements address these concerns?
· Why did you choose the medium (e.g., flyer,brochure, social media post, website, etc.) that you did for your re-creations?
· What additional elements did you add to the items you created?
· How will the elements you added improve the message? Why?
· How will your updated material address society’s role in intercultural communication? Consider the medium you chose for the material.

Sample Solution