Intercultural Conflict Essay

Describe and analyze an intercultural conflict that is currently happening or that has occurred within the last 10
You may choose a variety of topics/conflicts for this assignment. There are several current events that are
intercultural conflicts, such as the Atlanta Spa murders of Asian Women, George Floyd & the
BlackLivesMatter protests, and the Storming of the U.S. Capitol. In the past, students have covered the NFL
kneeling controversy, police brutality, and the homeless crisis in San Diego among other topics. You, however,
are not limited to these topics. I encourage you to be creative and brainstorm topics that you are passionate
Find at least three (3) sources that describe the conflict (either academic articles, news articles, magazine
stories, documentaries, etc.).
This paper should be approximately 2-3 pages and follow APA Style guidelines (title page, double-spaced,
black ink, Times New Roman, 12pt font). The title page is not included in the 2-3 page requirement. Project
must be no longer than 5-pages. I include a write-up template that can be used to organize your thoughts.
Be sure to answer the following questions within your write-up:
Is this an interpersonal, political, or international conflict?
Who are the major players involved in this conflict?
Which type of conflict is this (affective, goal, value, etc.)? Why?
What forces (social, economic, historical, etc.) are behind this conflict?

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