Interior design Healthcare

Precedent Projects, Critical Design Components for Healing and EBD

  1. Select 2 Precedent projects that are successful projects in their own type. One of the projects must be a
    result of EBD (See Center for Health Design Website and other resources highlighting EBD projects)
  2. Identify and explain how these Precedent Projects can help other designers to inform the design of like
    Facilities. That is, identify major findings that can be applied to other like facilities.
  3. Highlight Critical design Components that make the project successful: Finishes, furnishings, Color
    schemes, orientations, adjacencies, ect.
    Precedent Projects can be of the following typologies
  4. Healthcare
  5. Wellness Centers & Clinics
  6. Healing Spaces/ Daycare facility (children and/or Seniors)
  7. Wellness SPA/ Assisted Living Facility

Sample Solution