Internal Analysis;Current marketing description: (The Marketing Mix)

Products and Services — What products/services does the organization currently
Price — What price(s) do they charge?
Place/Distribution — How do customers/clients access the product/ service
offerings & where?
Promotion — How do they promote who they are and what they offer? (Consider
the communication mediums used, both online and offline, and how the mediums
have been used)
= Identify and describe who is the likely current Target Market (from your observations, what
do you know about their consumer behavior?), competitive advantage, and positioning
a What are additional internal resources available to the business at their disposal?
a What growth strategy does the company appear to be following currently with its
products/company and why you believe this is their key growth strategy currently?
o External Analysis:
Industry Trend Analysis:
o Identify and discuss Demographic, Economic, Natural, Technological,
Political/Social, and Cultural factors impacting this industry or occurring
within this industry, analyzing the positive or negative effects the factors
are (likely) exerting over the industry and companies operating therein.
Competitive Analysis:
o Who are the main competitors? Overall, what are their key strengths
and weaknesses, particularly given their current marketing mix
decisions (target market, product, place, price,
0 Include a table in your appendices highlighting key insights regarding

Sample Solution