Internal Consulting – Military recruiting problems

Final Project: Internal Consulting
*Include an introductory paragraph describing the issue or opportunity you have identified; include a short history of your company (if allowed), or how you envision this project will lead to a better __________ (fill in the blank).

1. Identify an organizational issue within your organization. This issue does not have to be a problem, it can also be an opportunity/possibility to introduce change.
2. Select the Discovery Strategy (is it a problem or possibility?)
Identify the presenting problem
3. Decide who will be involved in this project
What levels of the organization should be involved?
3. Select the dimensions to be examined
What questions will you ask?
5. Select the method of inquiry
How will you gather information?
Document analysis
Your own experience
Provide detail on how you would gather this data.
6. Collect data and observations
Keep in mind that this step gives voice to those you talk to
7. Funnel the information
Keep in mind that you do not want to overwhelm your client with too much information.
Summarize the picture
8. Construct Meaning from the Process
What does the information mean?
What is important?
Who should be involved in a “feedback” meeting?
8. Give Recommendations
9. Implementation
Who should be involved and why?
Include a conclusion paragraph of what your expectations are if your consulting efforts were implemented.
Requirements: See Written work Rubric
Your final paper should be at minimum 10 – 15+ pages (the cover page, abstract, references or appendices are NOT part of the number of pages).
Include an introduction so I can understand the issue you will be analyzing. Include enough detail for each section.
Include a concluding paragraph with your final thoughts.
The paper MUST be written in APA. Use level headers (see seriation in APA).

Sample Solution