Internally Consistent Job Structures

Section 1 introduces you to the specification of internally consistent job structures. Through writing job
descriptions, the development of job structures, and
both the development and implementation of a point evaluation method to quantify job differences
objectively, you build the framework for internal equity.
In Section 1, you will focus on building an internally consistent compensation system. An internally
consistent compensation system design will clearly define the
relative value of each e-sonic sample job, creating a job hierarchy and an objective rationale for pay
As an e-sonic consultant, you are offered a sample of e-sonic jobs in Section 1. Currently, e-sonic employs
100 people and will be hiring many more. However, for
the purpose of this simulation, you are asked to work with the sample of four jobs offered (see Appendix 2
for sample jobs, located in the MyManagementLab
project tab). Limiting the number of jobs removes one level of complexity from the simulation and allows you
to focus on learning the functions of compensation
system design. The framework you develop classifying sample jobs can easily be adapted in the future to
include all e-sonic positions.

Sample Solution