International Asian students in Australia

Research the needs of the client group – international Asian students in Australia (Singaporeans). This research should include investigating a service which offers to counsel to that client group and discussing in your essay what you learned about how well (or not) the service meets the needs of the client group. Issues you should cover (not all will be relevant to every group) include a. What are the typical presenting problems? b. What characteristics of this group may need to be considered, when providing a counseling service? c. How would you address those characteristics? d. What specific training might be helpful or even necessary, in order to work effectively with this group? e. Ethical/legal issues particularly relevant to this group? f. Is this a group who typically accesses counseling services? If not, discuss why that might be. And what steps could be taken to improve their access? (these possible steps could be by the individual counselor, by the service, by the wider community, or all three). g. What are the benefits and drawbacks for belonging to this group? What would I need to consider when working with them?




Sample Solution