International Business Journal – Globalization and Society

Create an International Business Journal (IBJ).
The Journal assignment highlights the relevance of international business and the specific topic to be discussed that week. It provides an opportunity for students to write and to relate business press topics to material covered in the text.
For the Journal Entry category, find an international business article for analysis. Visit sites such as,, , etc. and put in key words such as International Business, and one of the topics of the week, e.g., culture, international trade, etc. Review several articles and select an interesting, relevant article. To receive full credit for this assignment area, do the following 3 activities:
Create a personal International Business Journal (IBJ) by week 2. – 1 point
Provide the article and source of each weekly article in your journal (IBJ) – 1 point
Summarize 1) the key international business dimension for each article 2) how it relates to one of the weekly topics, 3) Why it got your attention (total approximately 2-3 paragraphs) (IBJ).

Sample Solution