choose one question from the below:
1. Analyse the Global Production Network (GPN) of a specific product or service. Who benefits most from the structure of this GPN?
Your analysis of the GPN should include three main aspects:
– What types of labour go into creating the product or service at the different points in the GPN, and how is this work globally distributed?
– What institutional arrangements best explain the structure of this GPN?
– Is the capture of value evenly distributed throughout the GPN, and if not, who benefits most from its structure?
In consultation with your seminar tutor or module leader you are free to choose any specific commodity or service that you want to research. When choosing, ensure that there is enough information available to enable you to write a good essay.
2. Compare and contrast globalisation from the point of view of the multi-national organisation and the state.
3. As regards Apple and Starbucks: “I love the consistency – knowing that anywhere in the world you can depend on having the same experience in the store or being served a latte with the same taste in the same cup. That’s great branding” Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry. In Harvard Business Review. January- February issue, 2013.
In light of Ahrendts comment above, critically discuss the effects of globalisation from both a hyperglobalist and anti-globalisation perspective.




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