Pick one context from A and one from B.

Steel manufacturer Hospital
Toy Manufacturer Movie theatre
House Builder Railway station
Mobile manufacturer Retail store
Bread manufacturer University
Furniture manufacturer Bus company
Tyre manufacturer Football club
Beer manufacturer Bank
Textile manufacturer Charitable organisation

For each context separately, respond to the following questions:

1. Prepare an input output diagram (only a diagram would suffice but you are free to add an explanation for greater clarity) [0.5 mark for each context]

2. Prepare a short description of the key tasks performed by the Operations Manager for that
context [1 mark for each context] (150 words for each context)

3. Define cost, speed, quality and flexibility in relation to that context. Also, specify which of them in your view would be the order winning attribute/s for that context and justify your choice.
[1 mark for each context] (150 words for each context)

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