International Relations.

Below are some of the major topics of debate within International Relations. Questions of morality, judgement, sovereignty etc. are widely argued within this subset of Political Science. This week you get to choose your topic from one listed below. Conduct research on the topic using information from the textbook and/or current events, then argue either for or against while citing examples to support your opinion. Be sure to use appropriate in-text citations as well as a works cited list.

Should leaders consider moral issues in formulating a state’s foreign policy?
In the mid-1990s the world community stood by as Tutsis slaughtered thousands of Hutus in Rwanda. Should the United Nations become involved in cases of ethnic cleansing or genocide?
If scholars are correct and China becomes a superpower, do you believe US– China relations could develop mistrust similar to that between the United States and the former Soviet Union?
The best way to fight the war on terror is by conventional war.
International organizations such as the United Nations erode state sovereignty

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