Internet Intrusion Detection System

This 2-page essay has 2 parts (A and B) with 4 questions to be answered (2 for each part). Please follow the directions carefully and use the resources provided. You will need to provide one additional academic source that is current within a couple of years for each part. (Part A and Part 6= 2 additional sources). I have uploaded the chapters from the textbook to help. Please pay close attention as the questions contain multiple parts. Such as Explain how you Part A. “To IDS or to Not IDS?” Please respond to the following: 1. Suppose you were proposing the implementation of an IDS to your manager as a new initiative for your organization. Explain how you would make a business case for obtaining the funds in order to fully implement this initiative. 2. Propose the top three reasons why organizations would NOT choose to implement IDS / IPS systems and analyze each of these reasons to determine whether you believe they are valid concerns or improper conclusions. Part B. “IDS in the Cloud” Please respond to the following: 3. From the e-Activities (listed below), explain whether or not you believe technologies such as IDS are still relevant and useful as there is a push toward SaaS and cloud-based solutions. 4. Discuss from your perspective how cloud-based services change incident response, for better or worse, and determine what you believe to be the greatest preparedness concern with cloud-based services. Week 3 activity – Read the article titled “Internet Intrusion Detection System Service in a Cloud”, located at Be prepared to discuss. – Go to NetworkWorld’s Website to read the article titled ‘Cloud security strategies: Where does IDS fit in?,” dated July 15, 2010, located at in-.html



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