Internet marketing

1.a) How does technology change traditional marketing? Describe the important Internet properties that affect marketing. b) What are the key elements of Web 2.0? c) What are the key elements of Web 3.0? As a consumer who is in control, what would you like to see for the future Web 3.0?

2.a) Is strategic planning and why do companies prepare a SWOT analysis during the strategic planning process?
What are the four levels of commitment to e-business? Give
some examples of each.
b) What are metrics and why are they important? Give examples of metrics in use for a) social media awareness/exposure metrics b) social media brand health metrics c) social media engagement metrics d) social media action metrics and e) social media innovation metrics.

3.a) What are the seven steps in an e-marketing plan? Explain each step in details.
b) What four elements in tier one and five elements in tier two are devised for e-marketing strategy? Explain them in detail.

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