Internship Evaluation

There are three Assignments in this unit; be sure to complete

  1. Management Report
  2. Internship Evaluation
  3. Resume Building Interview
    Unit 4 Assignment 1: Management Report
    In business, it is necessary to clearly articulate what activities
    are being accomplished and what competencies and
    objectives are being utilized in addition to the goals you are
    working to complete for the business. Additionally,
    communicating to leadership and documenting your actions
    provides you with experience in organizing, planning, leading,
    and controlling the business giving you a personal sense of
    Complete a 2–3-page management report that addresses the
    following items:
  4. What is your accounting position and what are you
    required to accomplish?
  5. What you are working on currently?
  6. What are your current challenges?
  7. What are you going to do to address your
  8. What are some of those business practices that
    may need improvement?
    Review the complete details of your assignment and grading
    rubric here.

Sample Solution