Interview analysis

Paper instructions

You must not to write introduction nor conclusion. You must write about the methodology which is 700 words answering 5 questions. 1) Approach to theory development. (induction) and research philosophy.
2) Research design (i.e mixed methods)
3) Secondary research (i.e explanation about the data sources used etc)
4) Primary research (i.e techniques / sampling strategy, I didnt interview Xiaomi staff because they dont allow it, I have only made questionnaire fo further details I will give more information in the following sections
5) Advantages and limitations of your selected methodology/sampling strategy.
The attachment below (called Research proposal draft) will help you develop this section as I already complete some questions but you need to fill them more, but dont copy and paste what I have written, and dont use sources too , change the resources please in order to avoid plagiarism.

Discussion- analyse and interpret the result.
Develop coherent themes and arguments to establish the business case for putting your project into effect. (Based on the second draft ”itssssss overrr” below you will answer the second section. Also here is the link for my survey which is primary research.

Sample Solution