Interview with Family Member about Class Background and Social Mobility

Instructions: Select an adult with whom you grew up to interview. If no such adult is available, ask another family member or a family friend. If that is not possible, speak with your GE to figure out an alternative plan.

Ask the individual if they would be willing to do an interview with you that focuses on their education and employment, as well as the education and employment experiences of their parents (we are trying to get a picture of socioeconomic status (SES) across generations). Tell them that it will take 30-45 minutes, and that ideally you would like to record the interview for future analysis. If they don’t want it recorded, make sure that you can take lots of notes during the interview. DO NOT ASSUME YOU WILL REMEMBER. Even if you think you know the answers to the questions below, ask them anyway (you can explain to whomever you interview that this is a way for you to practice an interview and get the respondent to tell their story).

Find a quiet place and time to do the interview. Record the interview on your phone, or your computer. You can use a free recording app that also transcribes:

Sample Solution