Intro to criminology



Carefully read Chapter 5 of the Schmalleger text. Subsequently, watch the videos on the Andrea Yates case (links above). Then, re-read “The Case: Andrea Yates” case scenario on page 96 of your text (if you are using a digital version of the textbook, the page number may differ). Then, in the discussion forum I have created, answer all of the questions below:

Identify the characteristics associated with psychopathy. Do you believe Andrea Yates could be considered a psychopath? Provide scholarly evidence and logical reasoning to support your answer.
Discuss how Andrea Yates’ mental issues could be informed by the theories presented in Chapter 5 of your textbook as well as by the explanations provided in the videos posted by your instructor (links above)? Make sure to explain how your chosen theories/explanations logically connect to the Andrea Yates case.
What was the outcome of Andrea Yates’ first trial? Upon appeal, what happened to the original verdict? What was the outcome of Andrea Yates’ second trial?
Had you been a juror, do you think Andrea yates met the legal requirements of having committed a crime (homicide) or do you believe she should have been found “not guilty, by reason of insanity?” Explain your position.
Prior to Andrea killing her children, do you believe there were visible signs that Andrea might be capable of killing her children? In your view, could Andrea Yates’ actions and deaths of her children have been prevented? If so, who was in the best position to help Andrea Yates and prevent the deaths of her children? What could have been done to prevent this tragic incident?

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