Introduction to Computers

Assignment 1
1. Search the internet for rules of Netiquette. Post five additional Netiquette rules not posted in this discussion forum by the instructor (above).

2. Do some research to find out how to properly email a college instructor. Compose a short email to your advisor with a pretend request for an appointment to review your spring classes and post it as your second posting. Ensure you compose this short “email” based on the rules of netiquette you have learned.
Assignment 2
1. Do an online search of some vehicle apps and computerized safety options. List at least 5 and how they work.

2. For each of the 5 you list, do you believe they are a benefit or a false sense of security and why?

3. Do you believe there is a better way to progress with technology in the drivers seat? Explain your answer.

Assignment 3
Answer the following questions and attempt one of the production apps to post to the discussion board.

1. Would you use OneNote to take notes for your courses?

2. Is Sway the way? What do you think? Check out the steps and try to build a story. What are your thoughts?

3. Review Office Mix. You can really mix up powerful presentations. Would this be a fit for you?

4. Research and find at least three more productivity apps for school or work. List them.

5. Attempt one of the options and post it on this discussion board.

Each assignment is at the least 300 words each













































































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