Introduction to Hermeneutics: Prophecy Analysis

I. Isaiah 14:3-22

A. Read through the passage several times. Record any observations you have about themes, prominent metaphors, indicators of its intent, the intended audience, overall rhetorical strategy.

B. Identify the subtype of prophecy this is. Be sure to provide a rationale for your identification, with evidence.

C. Look at the place of this oracle within the larger context of Isaiah. What is around it? What insight does that give you concerning its intent?

D. Does this prophecy include a prediction? If so, cite the prediction and determine, based on the context of the passage, whether or not a fulfillment is specifically in mind. If there is a prediction, is it conditional or not? If there is a fulfillment in mind, when do think that fulfillment will take place, or has taken place?

E. Identify any possible symbolic language used in the oracle. (Note: Don’t force it; there may or may not be symbolic language.)

F. Based on your findings above, answer the following questions
Question Answer
1. Who is this prophecy mainly about?

2. Who is the “You” that is repeatedly addressed starting in v. 8?

3. What is the purpose of this oracle?

4. What does Isaiah want his audience to either believe and/or do in response to this oracle?

Support your answer with details from your analysis.
8. If you were to write a sermon or lesson about this oracle, what would be your main point? Why?







Sample Solution