Introduction to Information Technology

Part 2: Follow the Instructions below to do a Job Search. Google, Yahoo, Bing… are not the types of browsers used for this exercise.

Part 2:
Answer the question below based on your search and about your field of study.

Below is a list of some of the online JOB Search Engines available.
• If you know others, you may use them


Question 1 (10 points): Choose 3 of the sites. Explore the site for possible jobs that you would be interested in what you are studying. Give details, tell me which job search engines you used to search. Tell me which of the them did you LIKE the best. Tell me why, you liked it. (minimum of 50 words for an answer)

Question 2 (5 points): Prvide a list of WORDS that you actually used to find a job. Give me a LIST, do not just provide 1 or 2 words. There should be a small list of different words that you can use to look for work in your study area. Pretend that you are actually looking to apply for a job. You DO NOT need to apply, unless you want to.

Question 3 (15 points): Have you ever used an online job search engine before? Did you enjoy using this tool? Why or Why Not? Also, tell me if you think using this tool is helpful or should you apply for work directly from a company’s website.

Sample Solution