Introduction to Networking

Below is a list of required equipment to get our network up and running. It may seem expensive on its face, but all the equipment purchased now will save the company money in the long run because we will not need to upgrade. The cost and equipment suggested can be changed upon orders from upper management. In total we are expecting to spend around $97,700.51 this includes taxes and all of our wages. Finally, I inserted a summary page containing all of the data in an easy to digest formula. We look forward to getting our network up and running!
Switches – 2 48 port
Laptop- 50
Dock- 50
Keyboard- 50
Mice- 50
Monitor- 100
Port plates- 100
Punch panel- 2
Velcro Cable ties
Raceways 4
Phone- 50
Network Cabling – 3k feet
RJ-45 connectors – 2 (100 pack)
Router – 1 (enterprise)
Big Screen TV – 5

Cost Break down

Price Links

Timeline of Installation – 2 Business Days
Topology – Star
Total Cost – $97,700.51
Total Man Hours – 96man hours
Network Configuration Legend:
Black Box – PC Setup
Yellow Box – TV
Blue Box – Phone
Green Box – Printer
Orange Box – Server
Black Line – Cabling

Sample Solution