1. Identify different functions of and approaches to management and leadership styles within the organization

SCENARIO: You are appointed by your manager to do some research of leadership styles adopted by leaders in organizations and the effect and impact of their styles on the overall performance of the organization and people they lead. Focus your research on the below guidelines


1. Choose a famous personality who is a business leader in the Aviation Industry.

2. Conduct comprehensive secondary research on the management and leadership style of the chosen leader.
3. Study and evaluate the personality traits, skills and attributes of this leader.

4. Analyze and discuss the management and leadership style of the chosen leader. Choose from the leadership styles we have studied in class.

5. Analyze the effectiveness of his/her leadership style. Give real life examples, facts and figures which illustrate effective leadership. Discuss the impact of leadership on the success of his/her organization. You can discuss how successful the organization has been financially and any awards they have obtained under this leader. Any other achievements can also be mentioned. If there is any evidence or research on improvement in employee performance, this can also be mentioned here.


Sample Solution