Introduction to Sociology

Watch the video above, read “Chapter nine assignment reading,” “Chapter nine assignment reading II,” and “Chapter nine assignment reading III,” then respond to the following:

How did the world’s nations become stratified? Three possibilities are offered in your text: colonialism, world system theory, and culture of poverty. Summarize each and tell me which one(s) you think make the most sense and why.
How do elites maintain stratification? Summarize each and tell me which one(s) you think are most often used and why.
As you know, and as assignment one illustrated with regard to ‘quality of life’ measures such as infant mortality rate and life expectancy, there is an incredible gap between the wealthy and poor nations of the world. What, if anything, are you willing to do about it? Are you willing to change the way you consume and live so that the misery, suffering, and death of those in poor nations can be mitigated? Why or why not?

Sample Solution