Introduction to Telecommunications

  1. Explain the five key aspects of Computer Networking
  2. Explain in brief about Data Communication
  3. Explain with Examples of Private Networks
  4. Explain the TCP/IP model
  5. Explain the OSI 7 layer referencing model and explain each layer.

MISY 3312 – Introduction to Telecommunications
Homework 2#

Q.1 What is HTTP ?
Q.2 What is FTP ?
Q.3 What is SMTP?
Q.4 What is DNS?
Q.5 What is an URL?

Homework 3#
Ch07: Wired and Wireless Local Area Networks

  1. What are the LAN Components?
  2. What are the different switching modes
  3. What is the media access control for wired Ethernet?
  4. What is the media access control for wireless Ethernet?
  5. How can your improve the LAN performance.

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