Ionizing radiation-emitting devices

Increased utilization of intraoperative ionizing radiation-emitting devices (Jenkins, 2021). Education for protection has not increased at the same rate (Leone,
2018). Anesthesia is usually exposed to the highest amounts of radiation. There are few guidelines regarding ocular radiation safety
Synthesis of evidence-based researchGoal and objectivesGoal- Implement an educational module for CRNAs in order to increase awareness resulting in an increased use of lead glasses in high-risk areas
Objective #1 Complete a needs assessment of the knowledge of ocular radiation injury and safety for CRNAs at Memorial Hospital
Measure #1 Conduct a pre-survey to assess baseline CRNA knowledge of ocular radiation danger
Objective #2 Increase CRNAs awareness of ocular radiation injury and ways to prevent ocular injury
Measure #2 Conduct a post-survey to assess the CRNA knowledge of radiation after exposure to educational material
Objective #3 Increase CRNAs confidence level while working in high-risk areas by wearing lead glasses
Measure #3 Use a 5-point Likert scale to assess CRNAs confidence level
Market/ financial analysisThis is about applying technology to increase ocular safety awareness. Please, Bring some literature on what is the rate of compliance when people are
reminded through apps to do certain health-related or health-maintenance activities if available.
Project planinclusive of overall projected timeline and budget
Evaluation/ measurement planThese are the measures of my objectives
Ethical implications

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