Make a research paper documenting information on a subject of the student’s choice — a subject demonstrating the student’s career interest, but not necessarily one for which they are an expert. The research must be a worthwhile stretch beyond what is already known. The project proposal would be approved prior to beginning this research. The length of the paper is determined by the local schools, with the understanding that certain information must be evident in the paper. This information includes, but is not limited to, reasons for selecting the occupation in the specific career cluster/pathway, career goals, relevant career-related information that provides the reader some information about a specific occupation or current topics related to that occupation, research on job outlook and education and training needed, and any current trends or changes in the future of the career field. Additionally, to enhance the research and expand learning, systems may require students to explore an aspect of the career in depth that may be a “hot topic” in the field, i.e. latest research on a particular medicine used in treating certain diseases, genetic research or food safety in the area of Agriculture, or natural gas pipeline safety in the area of energy. By adding this requirement, the student will be able to not only research the career area, but gain specific information that would help them in their preparation for entering the chosen career field. Formatting and any additional requirements are at the discretion of the local schools. In Reality, Here Is What You’ll Need To Do: Paragraph 1 – Introduction – ie: Why I Chose This Career Paragraph 2 – Career Goals – ie: How To Be Successful In This Career Paragraph 3 – Research on Job Outlook – ie: Are There Going To Be More or Fewer Jobs in this Field in the Years To Come AND Where and How to Find Them Paragraph 4 – Education and Training Needed – ie: How Do I Start? AND How Do I Do This Job Better? Paragraph 5 – Trends and Changes in My Career Field – ie: What Is Coming Up Next in This Field? What is Changing? Paragraph 6-Conclusion Research Guidelines:  Use at least five sources for your information! DO NOT just make up your own information.  Write down every single web address that you use!!! We will practice putting these into MLA style to correctly cite them.  You can also include quotes from your mentor experience, if you have already completed it. This will make your paper very unique and personal.

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