Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

I.      Discuss the epidemiology of IBS?
II.     What is your treatment goals for this patient?
III.    Discuss First line and second line drug therapy for IBS. Please include pharmacotherapeutic information.
Discuss the impact that the Christological and Trinitarian debates from Nicaea I (325) to Chalcedon (451) still have on churches today. 
“Why does the healthcare field need specially trained managers to properly function?  
How does a healthcare manager differ from any other manager in another field?” 346

Discuss the security administrator’s task and the process used to ascertain control that protects the data integrity of the organization.
Discuss the four rules for the windows firewall with advance Security Snap-in, and what is the usefulness of the performance monitor.” 347
consider the characteristics of ethical leadership and the challenges associated with practicing ethical leadership.
By Day 4
Post your definition of ethical leadership as it relates to the social work profession. Explain what it means to be an ethical leader and describe the challenges of being an ethical leader.

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