Is the death penalty in Texas effective?

Texas is the death penalty capital of the democratic world, yet has highest crime rates in the country. In addition to the ethical issues capital punishment raises, does this prove that the death penalty is ineffective? Discuss with reference to the theories of punishment, deterrence, isolation, and rehabilitation. Be 4 to 5 pages of content (do not include Works Cited, Endnotes, and Bibliography pages in the page count). Use at least five (5) academic resources (e.g. journal article, government web site, online newspaper, etc.) to support your position. Conform to MLA style when citing sources and composing your Works Cited page. Papers must be completed as a Word document, using one-inch margins, one-and-one half or double spacing, and size 12 Times Roman or Arial font. single-spaced, at the top left of the first page (before the paper title).

Sample Solution