Issue of employee misuse of the Internet,

To address the issue of employee misuse of the Internet, Martin’s Office Supply Company is going to institute an Internet usage policy and install Internet monitoring software. This new policy requires the company to purchase Internet monitoring software and the Vice President, Donna Jones, asks you to write a report that recommends software product options.

Conduct some Internet research on Internet monitoring software products, then write (in memo format) a product comparison report that describes important characteristics/features (including price) about the 3 products and which product you recommend purchasing based on your research. In your report you will discuss all 3 products, but recommend the purchase of the ONE product that you think is the best option for Martin’s Office Supply. Be sure to explain why you believe your recommended product is better than the other products you discussed in the report. Also create an ORIGINAL visual in this report and refer to it in the body of the document (refer to the Google Chart Maker tool in the “Resources” folder).

Sample Solution