write a final paper in 10 pages of text/content and address some current issue or interest in human resources management and apply the principles addressed in this course.

• Will the strength of and membership in labor unions increase or decrease in the future?
• Are the strategies companies are using to stay “lean and mean” strengthening or weakening those organizations?
• Are pre-employment psychological evaluations and knowledge testing valuable and reliable selection tools?
• What is the impact of having a greater diverse workforce upon ‘training and skill development’ in organizations?
• Are employers more prone to implement Dress code policies (i.e., professional) vs. Language code policies (i.e., abusive communication) in the workplace? Why or why not?
• When did the function of human resources first begin and why?
• Why do people want to work in the profession of human resources? What are the demographics of people working in human resources and at what levels?
• International students may compare any ‘one’ of the above possible topics to their home country.



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