Issues of Privacy and confidentiality in support group.

A. Should things said in support groups be confidential? For instance, suppose a person discloses in his narcotics anonymous group that he murdered someone. Should this be inadmissible in court? Suppose he has been trying to abstain from molesting a child. Should this have a therapeutic exemption?
B. You are encouraged to develop an argument for a position that responds to topic. You should document your position
(Approximately five references are appropriate. Please reference only published materials, not unpublished works such as the course lectures.).
C. You may write the essay in the format of any journal you choose. You should identify the journal whose format you are employing. Please stipulate the journal name whose format you are following on the title page. The point is to decide what kind of journal might
be appropriate for this work and to write this essay according to their specifications. That includes format for references and headers
or subheaders within the body of the essays.
D. The goal of this paper is to develop skills in setting forth a clear argument for a position. So, please (a) make a clear thesis
statement within the introductory section of the paper and (b) set forth the considerations in favor of that thesis within the body of the
paper. (c) You should consider some common objections to your position within the body of the paper or the conclusion.

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