IT Change Management Plan

Use the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) The Standard for Change Management as a template to develop your plan for the organisation. Given the nature of the activities you will have to complete, it is important that you use a organisation that you are comfortable with. Choose a company with which you are not intimately familiar because you need to know about the dynamics of the organisation including the structure, culture and attitudes towards leadership and politics in order to apply all the theories and conceptual framework in ACMP.

You have been assigned by your CEO to propose a plan for implementing a new IT system that is required for the company. This week you will examine your company’s business and IT strategies and propose one IT implementation that you think will solve a current business problem or will give the business a strategic advantage/new opportunity.
To prepare for this Assignment:
● Download and review the ACMP’s The Standard for Change Management®, using the link provided the Learning Resources this week.
● Pay particular attention to section 5.1, which provides necessary information to guide you in completing the tasks.

1. Provide a concise overview of the company, its business and structure.
2. Describe the problem(s) or the new business opportunity identified, and clearly outline the proposed IT solution. Be sure to include your recommended option for the system to be implemented and provide the justifications for the change to support meeting the business objectives.
3. Communicate a clear vision for the future state after the new IT system has been implemented.
4. Identify goals, objectives and success criteria.



Sample Solution