IT General Control Risk Recognition—Case Analysis

Complete the following AAA case analysis and complete a summary of the main IT control issues of the Food Fantastic Company. Include in your paper the risk assessment analysis matrix of the company with the appropriate areas of the ITGC matrix identified, the description of each issue, and designate each issue as a strength or weakness.
In a composition of 750-1000 words, describe your findings in the assessment of the risk analysis of this company. Include a separate page for the title and a separate page for references; no abstract, though. You should use APA style for references, citations, and headers. Single- or double-space, Times New Roman 12 pt., one-inch margins.

AAA Case IT General Control Risk – posted in the Week 2 Reading post.
Rubric: Refer to the IT General Control Risk Recognition—Case Analysis rubric for your assessment criteria.
IT General Control Risk Recognition – Case Analysis Rubric
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Specific percentage breakout:

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