IT Security

  1. Read and review “The Sky Really Is FallingPreview” CIO Magazine January 2005 (allow 1 hour).

Which vulnerabilities do you think have the greatest commercial impact?
Did the crisis predicted materialize? Does it persist?

  1. Read and review “What is security’s role in digital transformation (DX)” CSO Magazine, March 2018 (allow 1 hour).

Is security primarily dependent on people, process or technology?
How does increasing speed to market affect security?
Is the sky STILL falling?

  1. Read and review “Blockchain pilots show big-business promise” CIO Magazine, December 2017 (allow 90 minutes)

Could the use of blockchain to secure the (food) supply chain be replicated elsewhere?
In striving for ‘one version of the truth’, what is the most important pre-requisite to the use of blockchain technologies?

N.B. Use the questions above to guide your reading: you do not need to specifically ‘answer’ them in your writing…because first, you are again asked to

  1. Search for another article that discusses the security vulnerabilities that contemporary IT presents.
  2. Write a brief review (between 300-600 words) that briefly explains the threat/vulnerability/technology, and specifically how it affects individuals and organizations

are there agreements or disagreements…is conventional wisdom challenged…are there similarities or differences?

Sample Solution