IT security

Read “It’s Cheaper in ChinaPreview” and “The 411 on ChinaPreview”, CIO Magazine, September 15, 2005. Consider the following questions as you read the article (use the questions as a guide…you do not need to specifically ‘answer’ them).

Why are people worried about IT offshoring?
How does IT offshoring fit in with larger trends in white-collar work?
How does IT offshoring affect the US trade surplus?
What are the forces driving IT offshoring?
Who benefits from IT offshoring?

Search for another – perhaps more recent – article that discusses the opportunities and/or challenges that IT offshoring presents – ideally relating to the country that your team has chosen to research. Using the analytic framework set out in the “Crossing Boundaries” handout, provide a brief (200-500) summary of how IT offshoring is affecting the country, region, organization or other group concerned. (Please be sure to identify the country, region etc as the subject of the ‘thread’ you post)

Sample Solution