Job Interview

1) How would you describe yourself? 2) What do you see yourself doing 5 years from now? 3) What does your education qualify you to do? 4) Describe the kind of relationship that should exist between a supervisor and supervisee? 5) What are your long term career goals? 6) What is your GPA? and do you think it is a good indicator of your academic achievement? 7) How do you work under pressure? Write three paragraphs that summarize your experience. For each of the paragraphs you should indicate how long it took you to answer the question. Your first paragraph should explain which question you feel did a good job answering. Be sure to indicate how long your answer was for that question. Why do you feel like you did a good job answering that question? Your second paragraph should discuss a question that you felt like you could have done better. Indicate how long it took you to respond to the question and the actual length of your answer. What do you think you could do to improve your answer to this question? Your third paragraph should discuss your nonverbal performance in this interview. Describe what you are wearing to do this assignment. Mention how often you made hand gestures. Also indicate what the length of your longest pause is during this exercise. Give one other comment that you think is relevant about your nonverbal performance.




Sample Solution