Journal Analysis

Your essay will focus on 5 recent articles within the journal (published in the last five years). In your analysis, be sure to answer the following questions. Use headings to organize your responses:

Scope, Aim, and Content

What topics, issues, or debates are included in this journal? What types of studies are published?

Context of Disciplinary Conversation

Do these articles shed light on a historical event, problem, or period?
How do they fit into the “big picture”?
What incidental information can you glean from them by reading carefully?
Such information is important for constructing a narra­tive of the past; our medieval authors almost always tell us more than they intended to.
Taken together, do the documents reveal anything significant about the period in question (research in the last 5 years in your discipline)?


What kinds of topics are discussed in the articles?
What patterns/exceptions do you notice?
Do your documents support or contradict what other sources (vid­eo, readings) have told you?
Do the documents reveal a change that occurred over a period of time?
Is there a contrast between documents within your set? If so, how do you account for it?

Scale of Readership

How globally dispersed is the journal’s readership? Hint: look at the institutional affiliations of the editor, editorial board, and recent authors.

Sample Solution