Journal entry on humility

Write a journal entry on the subject of humility, including the following: 1.Provide observations and thoughts on the activities in Weeks 13-14. my preceptor was Working with the team and giving feedback of how to grow professionally, also allowed some of them to attend a conference which was paid for by the department. 2.Describe an interaction or decision point this semester in which your nurse leader demonstrated humility or a missed opportunity to promote the success of others. I have seen my preceptor work with Human resources to help get her team that were in the lower pay scale an off cycle raise. She felt that their pay was unfair, and makes it almost impossible to be able to survive off of a low pay scale, it was approve by Human resources and these employees received an additional raise that what they got 2 months ago. 3.Summarize your practicum experience with your nurse leader. What insight into your own leadership style were you able to see? What do you believe was the most important thing you leamed in this experience? she was a true servant leader, she was an advocate not only for the patients well being, but for her team that was caring for those patients. 4.Utilizing servant leadership principles, outline a plan to improve your own success as a leader. Identify specific steps you plan to take to create this improvement. 5.Reflect on at least two things you learned from the “Issue of Humility” video: &index=7

resources: Issue of Humility you tube video P96Zf60_&index= 7



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