Journal in health care

A brief statement about what you felt was the author’s general theme of the article.

Point of View:

A brief statement about what you felt concerning the author’s point of view. Was the presentation objective and factual or was the presentation subjective and lacking of facts? Explain your opinion.

Issue Analysis:

Provide a list of the issues presented in the article.

Conclusions and Recommendations:

List of author’s conclusions and/or recommendations.

Agreement or Disagreement:

Based on the author’s conclusions and/or recommendations, do you agree or disagree; provide a brief justification regarding your opinion concerning your agreements and disagreements.

Professional Projections:

A 50-75 word statement on what you learned from the article and how you may apply this experience (negative or positive) in your professional future career.

Guide to Grading of the Critical Analysis Report:

The critique will be graded on the following:
Appropriate article
Identifying information on first page and 3×5 index cards
Synopsis and Summary
General theme stated
Point of view stated
Issue analysis stated
Conclusions and recommendation stated
Agreement or disagreement stated
Professional projections stated
NOTE: Submit copy of journal article with your report

Specific Requirements:

The two (2) reviews are to be selected from two (2) separate healthcare finance/planning topics. Articles selected must be from refereed journals.


Failure to submit reviews on specific due dates may result in the deduction of one full grade for each successive class period that the review is not submitted. Failure to submit one or more reviews may result in an ‘incomplete” given at the time of final grades.

Special circumstances requiring an extension of the due dates will be handled on an individual basis via written justification explanation and/or request stating the particulars and forwarded to the instructor for approval and appropriate determination.

Sample Solution