Journalist News focus news report.

Background: You are a news or pr specialist in your organisation that is interested in UNSW stories. Perhaps UNSW is your client, or if you are a journalist, UNSW is a high-profile university. You need to find an original, newsworthy item related to UNSW and present it with either a news or a pr focus (you can choose either; it doesn’t matter which degree you are enrolled in). The focus might be on a person, a group of people, an issue, an event; it might be focussed around any aspect of the UNSW community (students, staff, sport, a high-profile
speaker, new research, a special interest group); it might be about something serious or something funny, something unusual or something regular. The choice is up to you. We recommend pitching your story idea to
your tutor before beginning research. We’ve included Frequently Asked Questions at the end of this assessment guide to help you get started.

Option A: Journalist News focus
(i) A story, including original quotes; 500 words with headline, headline not included in word count
(ii) plus one picture (original picture taken by you, with caption; caption not included in word count)
(iii) plus, one mock-up social media post (not included in word count)
(iv) plus, a critical reflection [200-250 words, min and max]
(v) plus, contact details for your interviews, including their full name.

Sample Solution