Juvenile Delinquency

Part | a brief (3 – 4 sentence) summary of the reading(s), properly cited, but you should not spend more than a paragraph of your post summarizing, as the real life application of the material is as important as your summary. Please leave one line as a section break between the summary and part II of the discussion board post.
Part II must contain 2 discussion questions that involve critical thinking. These must not be yes/no questions or answers easily found in the text; the purpose is to promote thought beyond the required reading. As an example the text mentions that approximately 16.3% of high school seniors reported being threatened with a weapon over the last 12 months and 23.4% of high school seniors reported being threatened without a weapon (Agnew and Brezina 2018:280). The analysis and critical thinking questions in this case might be, “What is the impact of these threats on the 1 out of 10 (approximately) high school seniors? Could this make the seniors more comfortable with violence? What are the potential negative consequences on the culture of high schools for marginalized or minority populations?” After typing your questions, you should attempt to answer at least one of them for the remainder of the 350 word count requirement for this assignment. You may hypothesize or conjecture at this point, since you are discussing something that is not directly covered within the text. The question responses, however, should still engage with the course material.

Sample Solution