Kate Chopin -The Awakening

Please answer the following question for essay.

Discuss the ways in which Edna’s awakening affects her family life, as well as her social, sexual, and spiritual lives. Which of these areas do you think is the most important to her – the one worth living for the most and possibly worth dying for?

Essay Criteria:
Be 500 words ( four to five well-developed paragraphs).

Must have a thesis that reflects the question.

Thesis must be fully explained in the introductory paragraph,
should be supported in the essays’s body with SPECIFIC examples
from the texts.

-Use correct grammar & mechanics including good transitions, particularly
when you introduce quotes.

-The Essay must have a logical flow

-Avoid general statements

-Paper is to be written in MLA format (exception: DO NOT include a title page, DO NOT include a header, date, name, or institution) just the paper, and in-text citations and work cited page

-Use three sources, all sources must come from the reading materials, no external sources to be used, ONLY the reading materials from the textbook

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